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Product of Excellence 

Café Don Luis is the brainchild of Mr. Luis I. Roig Franceschini. Don Luis’ coffee plantations are located on the mountain side of the island, specifically Indiera Alta in Maricao and Aguas Blancas and Rio Prieto in Yauco, PR., from an altitude of about 2,500 feet above sea level.  

After harvesting, the coffee berries begin their eco-friendly wet process, where the berries are opened and the green beans are separated from the bad seeds and impurities. The coffee beans are then transported to the Café Don Luis Yauco location where they have the necessary equipment to finish processing the coffee beans. Here the beans are sundried and then classified by density and color, allowing them to achieve the highest quality coffee.

The Café Don Luis coffee beans are 100% Puerto Rican Arabica and are produced under the highest quality standards. Tastings and samplings take place continuously to maintain the "specialty coffee" classification of an AA grade. Once ready to roast, a medium roast is preferred because it allows for a distinguished aroma, flavor, and balanced acidity.

Cafe Don Luis is available unroasted and unroasted peaberry. A regular and peaberry medium roast, are also available, in limited quantities.

We invite you to enjoy!

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