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Dedicated to the memory of my eldest daughter Ilsenid Roig Pacheco, who motivated me to continue in the development of this idea that today we call Café Don Luis. "The best coffee in Puerto Rico."


Ilse, as we lovingly called her, was a sensitive, loving, hardworking woman, with great values. After a long battle with cancer, she died on February 18, 2014. Inspired by her, I want this product to reach every Puerto Rican home. Dearest daughter, thank you for your love, I love you!


To my other 4 children, Luis Oscar, Jose Ignacio, Christian and Karen Lee, and my six grandchildren Luis Esteban, Paula Camila, Ana Valeria, Laura Marcela, Alejandro and Oscar José Enrique, thank you for being in my life and being part of this family project, which it has been a dream come true.


Last but not least thank you to God, my family and all those skilled in the coffee industry that have been present and contributed, helping me achieve this dream.

God bless you...

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